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ZvBox Distributes HDTV Over Existing Coax

Perhaps you would like to distribute a HDMI source to other rooms in your home, but shutter at the expense of A/V Distribution Systems and/or the labor involved to run the necessary wires in your home.

The ZvBox 150 from ZeeVee is a great solution if your home is already wired with coaxial cable for TV service. Below is a diagram showing the minimal new cabling involved to distribute HDTV or HD movies throughout your home.

ZeeVee Diagram

Typically you will have an HDMI cable connecting your TV set-top box to your HDTV. Your set-top box likely also has a component video output available, which will connect to the ZvBox 150 as shown in the above diagram. A coaxial digital audio output from the set-top box will also connect to the ZvBox 150 for Surround Sound. The final connection is completed with a coax cable from the ZvBox 150 to your home TV network. If your not sure exactly how to make this last connection, your HDTV provider can surely explain it or do it for you to ensure the output from the ZeeVee system will not interfere with your HDMI TV source signal.

ZvBox 150

The ZvBox 150 shown above can also distribute VGA output from a PC over your same home coaxial network. With an extra VGA cable you can easily loop this signal from your PC through the ZvBox to your monitor. If you would like to use a Media PC co-located near your main entertainment center in other rooms of your home, the addition of one more VGA cable will make it possible.

    To facilitate multi-room use of this PC, ZeeVee also offers:
  • ZvRemote™ - a remote control that can drive your computer from across the house, includes a wireless mouse and multimedia controls.
  • ZvKeyboard™ - combines a high quality laptop keyboard, a trackball, scroll wheel and multimedia control.
  • ZvReceiver™ - connects up to eight different ZvRemotes or ZvKeyboards to your computer.

To view HDTV or PC VGA in another room simply turn the TV on and select the ZV channel specified during installation. Note the output from the ZvBox 150 can be switched with any universal remote after setup. The only cable needed for remote TVs is a coaxial cable connecting the TV to a TV wall outlet. Note a TV with a digital tuner is required.

To view the ZvBox 150 specifications click here.

The ZvBox 150 is the entry level product in the ZvBox family. To view a comparison of all ZvBox products click here.

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ZvBox 150™, $999.00
ZvBox 150™ turns the output of any HD source into an HDTV cable channel, and broadcasts it over coax cabling to all connected HDTVs. .. more info
ZvBox 170™, $1,499.00
* Streams 720p @60fps over coax
* The front panel makes configuring ZvBox 170 a snap
* Integral power supply and fan cooling
* Includes ears for rack mounting
.. more info
ZvRemote, $99.00
Finally, a remote control that can drive your computer from across the house. ZvRemote includes a wireless mouse and multimedia controls, and additional ZvRemotes can be purchased to expand your system. .. more info
ZvReceiver, $29.00
Connects up to eight different ZvRemotes or ZvKeyboards to your computer. Drive your experience from any room in the house. .. more info
ZvKeyboard, $149.00
Interested in doing more extensive typing while watching Zv? The ZvKeyboard combines a high quality laptop keyboard, a trackball, scroll wheel and multimedia control. .. more info
ZvBox Installation Support, $49.99
Up to 2 hours of telephone support during your ZvBox 150 installation. .. more info
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