Whole House Audio with Control4

Control4 systems are tailor made for whole-house audio applications starting at 4-zones and scalable to 32 zones or more. An entry-level system would include the Control4® 4 Zone Amplifier pictured below coupled with a home controller model HC-250 as the foundation for a seamless audio ditribution solution. Inherent are added benefits of a universal remote for the family entertainment center, a new digital music source from music loaded on a USB memory stick, and extensibility to lighting or climate controls or integration with an existing or new security system.

Control4 4CH Amplifier

The 4-Channel Amplifier connects to your home Ethernet network via a RJ45 jack. Communication between the HC-250 and this Amplifier is most responsive when both units plug into the same Ethernet switch. The Amp accepts 4 stereo RCA source inputs, one of which is available from the HC-200. Three other sources such as an iPod Dock, a music server, a CD player or another legacy music source can round out the inputs. Note two of the source inputs can be digital audio coax rather than RCA plugs. These inputs are shown below on the rear view of this Amplifier on the left side.

Control4 Outlet Dimmer

The speaker connectons are shown on the right side in the above view where the 4-wire cables (stereo left/right channels) from each zone are attached. Each zone output connection normally represents speakers in one or more rooms or perhaps 2 sets of stereo speakers in one large room. When a playlist or album is selected via any user interface device the home controller will select the output zone configured for the room where the selection originated and switch the selected source input to the intended speaker zone. The home controller supports "media scenes" which allow multiple physical zones to be treatd as one logical zone. This is useful for ocassions where you want to play the same music in multiple rooms. And of course you can have 4 different music sessions active simultaneously from up to 4 different sources. Great for families with a variety of musical interests!

Control4 Multi-Channel Amplifier

The Control4 Multi-Channel Amplifier, rear-view shown above, supports 8 stereo audio zones. This unit provides only stereo RCA input connections for up to 8 source inputs (top row) and 8 speaker output zones (4-wire cable connections). This unit features a front-panel LCD display which allows you to view status, settings, and manually specify input-to-output assignments. This 8CH Amplifier supports the same system features as the newer 4CH Amplifier.

Attach a USB-connected disk drive or memory stick to the HC-250 USB port and you have a music server that will stream digital audio from your USB storage to the available speakers in one or more rooms. If you need the USB port for a WiFi adaptor, the HC-250 can stream digital music from a network attached drive instead. The serial input option allows the HC-250 to monitor the zones and arm/disarm any supported security system already installed in your home.

The flexibility and scalability of this Control4 Audio Distribution Solution will extend your music listening pleasure to as many rooms in your home as you desire!

This solution for 4-zones of audio distribution can be yours for just $1,530.00 plus installation!

This solution for 8-zones of audio distribution can be yours for just $2,575.00 plus installation!

Substitute the HC-300 for two audio source inputs for an additional $85.00!

Contact us today to get started!

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