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Remote Controls for Vacation Homes

This solution presents three alternatives for remote control of vacation homes not requiring a broadband internet connection nor a PC. These solutions provide very affordabe remote control using the telephone for basic monitoring and protection of your vacation home, cabin, or cottage. Be sure to see the comparison chart for a snapshot of the capabilities of each system.

Standard Telephone Controller

The Standard Telephone Controller from Aube Technologies commands thermostats and other electronic devices in your home from any touchtone phone. One phone call is all it takes to change the mode of your thermostat, plus any other device or circuit controllable via relay. The telephone controller is fully compatible with answering machines. Just call home, let the phone ring once, and hang up. Call back within 30 seconds and the telephone controller will answer on the first ring. Other features include a one-touch key on the front panel to activate or deactivate each output. This solution is best suited for thermostat plus electric water heater or outdoor lighting remote control.

Deluxe Telephone Controller

The Deluxe Telephone Controller also from Aube Technologies expands the capability of the Standard Telephone Controller by commanding up to 4 thermostats and/or other electronic devices in your vacation home with a dry contact relay or X10 command. As above, one phone call from any touchtone phone is all it takes to control the 4 relay outputs. This solution is best suited for multiple thermostat control or baseboard, heat pump, or water heater thermostats. Any relay outputs not used for thermostats can also control lighting, electric gates/doors or be converted to an X10 signal with a Leviton Universal Module to control any X10 device.

SecureLinc Family Protection Kit

The Sensaphone 400 is a totally new remote residence monitoring system that can help you detect problems before they turn into disasters. This system will call you by dialing up to four phone numbers when its sensors detect abnormal conditions (e.g. temperature dips or spikes, leaking water, intrusions). The Sensaphone 400 also has the added ability to control the thermostat by phone. Now you can set the temperature hours before you arrive, ensuring that the house is comfortable and cozy from the moment you walk in the door. This solution combines features of a security and alarm system with thermostat control.

If you want to turn your hot water heater on prior to arriving at your vacation home the Elk Heavy Duty Relay Contactor in conjunction with the Insteon ApplianceLinc can be controlled via the Insteon I/O Linc module for on/off control of the water heater. Note the Insteon ApplianceLinc module alone can control any other appliance you would like to turn on prior to your arrival.

If you prefer to use your cell phone service at your vacation home instead of a land telephone line, check out the Gigaset One unit near the top of the product list below. You may be able to eliminate the need for a land telephone line at your vacation home altogether and share monthly minutes if your cell phone service is acceptable.

Click here for a comparison chart of the above 3 vacation home control systems

IP Thermostat

If you just want to control your thermostat over the Internet consider the BAYweb Internet Thermostat. This thermostat was designed to install yourself, and is the most full featured Internet enabled thermostat available. In addition to the web browser remote control interface via the Internet, dedicated smart phone portals designed for most major phones like the iPhone provide access to your thermostat from just about anywhere.

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INSTEON Access Point , $39.99
* Bridges RF-only INSTEON devices with power line-only INSTEON devices
* Uses 900MHz band for fast, reliable communication .. more info
Elk Heavy Duty Relay Contactor , $78.50
* Control 220V devices as part of an INSTEON, UPB, ZWave network
* 110VAC plug for connection with an appliance module
* Safe and easy On/Off switching of up to 60 Amps of electrical current .. more info
INSTEON ApplianceLinc V2, $34.99
The ApplianceLinc V2 is a full-featured plug-in on/off switch that can be remotely controlled by a ControLinc tabletop controller, KeypadLinc V2, or any other INSTEON-enabled controller. .. more info
I/O Linc - INSTEON Contact Closure Interface , $45.99
* Monitor and control pool valves, electric water heaters and more using your INSTEON network
* 4 output relay modes allow you to control many different types of devices
* Control INSTEON lights and appliances using a contact closure input
.. more info
SENSAPHONE 400 , $385.99
* Control your thermostat using any touchtone telephone
* Calls up to 4 phone numbers to notify of abnormal conditions
* 24 hour battery backup in event of power failure
.. more info
SENSAPHONE 800 , $535.99
* Eight hardwired inputs available for other home security and environmental sensors
* Built-in temperature, noise and power failure sensors, along with a microphone for listen-in monitoring
.. more info
Gigaset One, $99.99
Home phone docking station device for Bluetooth cell phones. .. more info
Humidistat Sensor For Sensaphone, $54.99
* Detect too high or too low a humidity level
* 10% to 60% RH humidity sensing range
* Compatible with all Sensaphone models
.. more info
Magnetic Contact Switch For Sensaphone, $3.99
* Use on closed circuit systems
* UL Listed for security systems
* Use on doors, windows, and sliding doors
* ¾" Operation gap .. more info
Remote Temp Sensor For Sensaphone, $19.99
* Enables you to monitor temperature at a location away from your Sensaphone unit
* Triggers an alarm when conditions exceed the set high/low limits
* Compatible with all Sensaphone models
* Wall mountable .. more info
Sensaphone PIR Motion Sensor, $84.99
* Works with any Sensaphone
* 40-foot range
* Detects body heat
.. more info
Waterbug Water Sensor, $69.99
* Works with virtually any security or home automation system
* Each sensor can be up to 100 ft. away
* Normally open and normally closed contact outputs provided
* Up to 6 sensors can be attached .. more info
Wind-Click Wind Sensor, $99.99
* Saves water and avoids mess
* Can notify intelligent controller when winds increase
* Resets sprinklers when wind levels drop
.. more info
Rain Sensor, $29.99
Don't over-water your lawn or plants after a rainstorm. This rain sensor will cut off your existing sprinkler controller from activating the valves and wasting water. .. more info
Freeze Sensor, $34.99
* Shutoffs automatically during freezing temperatures.
.. more info
* Perfect for controlling the thermostat at your vacation home
* Deluxe model can also control lights or electric water heaters
* Works with any touchtone phone or answering machine
.. more info
* More flexible than standard weekday/weekend thermostats
* Perfect for anyone whose schedule varies throughout the week
* Create home/away schedules and save big on your utility bills
.. more info
* Perfect for controlling the thermostat at your vacation home
* Deluxe model can also control lights or electric water heaters
* Works with any touchtone phone or answering machine
.. more info
Hot Water Heating Systems Thermostat, $54.99
* Program seven unique schedules each week
* Save money on utility bills by setting home and away times
* Great for families with weekly schedule variations
* Reduce wear and tear on your heating equipment .. more info
3600w 2-Pole Baseboard Thermostat, $64.99
* Elegant style complements your home's decor
* Easy push-button programming gets you going in minutes
* Automate schedules and save money on utility bills
* Connects to telephone controller for remote temperature adjustment .. more info
Heat Pump LCD Thermostat, $139.99
* 28 programs with 4 setting per day
* Displays in degrees fahrenheit or celsius
* Temporary 2 hour program bypass .. more info
7-Day Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat for Electric Heating, $79.99
* On-screen heating power indicator gives at-a-glance verification of power being used
* Temporary bypass enables temperature override without changing programming
.. more info
12VDC 500mA Regulated Power Supply, $19.99
Use with the Sensaphone 400 or Deluxe Telephone Controller to control the 7-Day Programmable Thermostat.
.. more info
BAYweb Internet Thermostat, White, $259.00
* Plug-N-Go™ Networking
* Use Existing Wiring
* Personal Web Portal
* Dedicated Mobile Interface .. more info
BAYweb Internet Thermostat Advanced, White, $289.00
* Plug-N-Go™ Networking
* Effortless Scheduling
* Personal Web Portal
* Dedicated Mobile Interface .. more info
LockState Connect LS-60i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat, $259.00
* 2 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling
* Internet connection allows for control anywhere in the world
* Compatible with nearly all HVAC systems .. more info
LockState Connect LS-90i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat, $359.00
* 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling
* Internet connection allows for control anywhere in the world
* Large touch screen with stylus .. more info
IP Thermostat & 2 Port Power Adapter, $381.99
* Remote Sensor Capability
* Integral web server for browser interface
* FREE Remote Management Service
* Simple temperature scheduling .. more info
Proliphix Executive Indoor Sensor, $24.99
* Remote indoor sensor connects to the Proliphix IP Thermostat
* Mount on drywall or in a standard electrical box
* Temperature sensor's vented housing allows for quick temperature response .. more info
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