Russound Collage

Distribute Music Via Electrical Wiring

If you would like to distribute music to other rooms in your home, but can't or won't go to the expense of running wires in your existing home, the new Russound Collage System may solve your dilemma.

Russound Collage Designed especially for retrofit multi-room audio applications, Russound’s Collage Powerline Media and Intercom system distributes networked accessed music and intercom communication over a home’s residential electrical system. The flexible, expandable system provides access to two-way transmission of audio, video, data, and internet media with metadata feedback without the need of running new zone-to-zone wiring.

The Collage system uses Powerline Carrier technology to establish an IP data network over a residential electrical system. This decentralized design allows system components to be installed almost anywhere in a home where electrical wiring is run. The basic system architecture shown above is comprised of a Collage Media Manager and Amplified Keypad.

MTX Audio H622C Speaker To complete your multi-room audio system you have complete flexibility in choice of speakers to connect to the Collage Keypad. The Keypad delivers 32 Watts of stereo sound. For minimal impact to walls you can choose bookshelf speakers. However if you prefer a clean space saving choice, we recommend the MTX Audio H622C single 6.5" in-ceiling speaker which delivers crisp stereo sound. Of course you'll need access to the ceiling from above to install this speaker. If you prefer two in-wall mounted speakers, the MTX H620W is another great choice. Note rough-in kits are available for either speaker model for new home construction.

Collage Remote The Collage Remote Control provides access to Favorites, volume control, skip forward and back, sleep and mute functions. A remote is included with each Collage Media Manager, as well as being available individually.

Not only does Collage allow you to listen to your digital music or streaming music available online, but it can allow you to communicate with your family through its intercom feature. From any system keypad you can page any other keypad, or call the entire system. Operation is easy, with hands-free, duplex communication between keypads.

In addition to Intercom communication, the Collage system provides a room monitoring function. Any system keypad can be set as a ‘room monitor’, and that room becomes a source for other system keypads. This allows you to monitor the baby sleeping in the nursery from the living room, the den, or the master bedroom without having to carry any hardware around.

Note the installation of a Russound Collage System is straight forward and well documented. If your not personally comfortable working with line voltage, a registered Electrician can install the Collage Keypads for you. To evaluate the relative ease of installing the Collage system view the short Collage installation video.

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Collage Amplified Keypad, $799.00
The portal to your music and intercom network. Provides easy navigation and selection, displays system information and source feedback, and FM radio. .. more info
Collage Media Manager, $499.00
The heart of the system is the Collage Media Manager. No bigger than a router, it simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet. .. more info
Collage Remote Control, $49.99
The Collage Remote Control provides access to Favorites, volume control, skip forward and back, sleep and mute functions. A remote is included with each Collage Media Manager, as well as being available individually. .. more info
H622C 6-1/2, $149.99
This single speaker delivers stereo and includes poly baskets, santoprene woofer surrounds, and weather sealed crossovers. .. more info
H620W 6-1/2, $149.99
The H620W features glass fiber woofers with rubber surrounds and 12mm PEI dome tweeters which are mirror imaged (Right and Left) to maximize speaker imaging. .. more info

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