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The products listed below by Manufacturer/Technology are the complete online list of the items comprising our solutions. The list is ordered by our solution sequence, and each item is available at a 5% discount.

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ProConnect TV Mounts
Small Motion TV Mount, $29.99
* Wall mount for 15"-37" flat panel TVs
* 35 lbs maximum TV weight
* Tilts from -5 degrees to +10 degrees
.. more info
Large Fixed TV Mount, $29.99
* Wall mount for 37"-80" flat panel TVs
* 150 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
Extra-Large Motion TV Mount, $249.99
* Wall mount for 42"-85" flat panel TVs
* 150 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
Large Tilt TV Mount, $49.99
* Wall mount for 37"-80" flat panel TVs
* 150 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
Medium Tilt TV Mount, $29.99
* Wall mount for 24"-55" flat panel TVs
* 100 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
Medium Fixed TV Mount, $29.99
* Wall mount for 24"-55" flat panel TVs
* 100 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
RemoteLinc - INSTEON Remote Control, Silver, $45.99
* Control up to 6 scenes plus ALL ON & OFF and DIM/BRIGHT functions
* RemoteLinc's scenes can control up to a total of 417 devices
* Excellent range over 150' from nearest Access Point
.. more info
ZeeVee Products
ZvBox 150, $999.00
ZvBox 150 turns the output of any HD source into an HDTV cable channel, and broadcasts it over coax cabling to all connected HDTVs. .. more info
ZvBox 170, $1,499.00
* Streams 720p @60fps over coax
* The front panel makes configuring ZvBox 170 a snap
* Integral power supply and fan cooling
* Includes ears for rack mounting
.. more info
ZvRemote, $99.00
Finally, a remote control that can drive your computer from across the house. ZvRemote includes a wireless mouse and multimedia controls, and additional ZvRemotes can be purchased to expand your system. .. more info
ZvReceiver, $29.00
Connects up to eight different ZvRemotes or ZvKeyboards to your computer. Drive your experience from any room in the house. .. more info
ZvKeyboard, $149.00
Interested in doing more extensive typing while watching Zv? The ZvKeyboard combines a high quality laptop keyboard, a trackball, scroll wheel and multimedia control. .. more info
ZvBox Installation Support, $49.99
Up to 2 hours of telephone support during your ZvBox 150 installation. .. more info
Fusion Reserch Products
Premiere MkII Server , $2,999.00
Fusion's Premiere MkII Movie Server is a single unit solution that is a server with a built-in single zone player. This Server easily front loads DVD and Blu-ray discs. .. more info
Premiere Movie Server - 5 TB Storage License, $495.00
Expand Fusion's Premiere Movie Server storage capacity with a 5 TB, 10 TB, or unlimited storage license. .. more info
Fusion Zone Player , $1,495.00
The Fusion Zone Player is the perfect choice for playback of Blu-ray movies, music and photos. The player offers high quality 1080p video scaling to deliver beautiful picture quality in a zone location. .. more info
Fusion Adapter - FR-D2A, $215.00
This adapter made by Gefen, along with a separate optical splitter, allows you to split the Premiere Movie Server digital optical output into simultaneous digital and analog audio outputs. .. more info
Fusion Adapter - FR-COM, $279.00
This adapter allows you to deliver HD video from your Premiere Movie Server to your entertainment system using component video connections. .. more info
Encore MkII Server, $4,995.00
The Encore MkII Movie Server provides exceptional value for those looking to organize all their movie collections in one place. .. more info
Genesis MkII 3D Movie Server, $6,995.00
The Genesis MK II 3D Media Server also consolidates music & photos in addition to movies. .. more info
Cinema Server, $7,995.00
The Cinema Server is Fusion's top-of-the-line product, which can support up to 30 independent streams of video including 4 additional analog audio outputs for distribution. .. more info
Premiere Movie Server Installation Support, $75.00
Up to 1 hour of telephone support during your Premiere Movie Server. .. more info
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