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Other Audio/Video Products
H622C 6-1/2, $149.99
This single speaker delivers stereo and includes poly baskets, santoprene woofer surrounds, and weather sealed crossovers. .. more info
H620W 6-1/2, $149.99
The H620W features glass fiber woofers with rubber surrounds and 12mm PEI dome tweeters which are mirror imaged (Right and Left) to maximize speaker imaging. .. more info
SONY Center Channel Speaker, $9.99
Make your movies come to life with the SS-CN550H center channel speaker. This speaker is the perfect addition to your home theater audio system. .. more info
Locking HDMI-to-DVI Adapter Cable, $19.99
• HDMI-to-DVI-D Adapter Cable
• DVI-D Female to HDMI Male connectors
.. more info
Monster Video® 2 High Resolution Composite Video Cable with RCA Connectors - 2M, $4.99
• Double shielding protects against RFI and EMI
• Low-loss dielectric construction for minimal signal loss, even over long runs
• Multi-stranded copper center conductor ensures linear bandwidth for a clear, sharp picture. .. more info
High Speed HDMI Locking Cable, 6 ft , $14.99
* Supports HDMI resolutions up to 2k
* High quality 28AWG copper conductors
* Multi-layer shielding protects signal from EMI
* Proprietary locking technology provides a secure connection
.. more info
Ethereal ELITE STEREO/AUDIO CABLE - 2M, $19.99
Ethereal cables feature color-coded, molded grips to easily identify cable application. Ethereal Home Theater cables deliver high clarity, dynamic range, frequency response and excellent noise rejection in an innovative braided jacket cover! .. more info
MTX BLUEPRINT HOME THEATER In-Wall Speaker Pair - HT825W, $59.00
MTX Audio's "high power handling technology" includes: high order crossovers, large woofer motor assemblies, and high tech PTC tweeter protection make each model perfect for the increased dynamic demands required for digital home theater. .. more info
MTX BLUEPRINT HOME THEATER In-Ceiling Speaker Pair - HT825C, $225.00
MTX Audio's "high power handling technology" includes: high order crossovers, large woofer motor assemblies, and high tech PTC tweeter protection make each model perfect for the increased dynamic demands required for digital home theater. .. more info
Terk 4-Input Video Switch, $4.99
* Converts up to four audio/video sources to VHF for viewing on any TV
* Switches between video sources and cable/antenna at the push of a button
* Eliminates the need for extra monitors .. more info
Sensaphone Products
SENSAPHONE 400 , $385.99
* Control your thermostat using any touchtone telephone
* Calls up to 4 phone numbers to notify of abnormal conditions
* 24 hour battery backup in event of power failure
.. more info
SENSAPHONE 800 , $535.99
* Eight hardwired inputs available for other home security and environmental sensors
* Built-in temperature, noise and power failure sensors, along with a microphone for listen-in monitoring
.. more info
Gigaset One, $99.99
Home phone docking station device for Bluetooth cell phones. .. more info
Dock-N-Talk, $149.99
This unit allows you to connect any of the telephone controllers listed below to a cell phone at your vacation home, rather than install a land line. Includes cell phone adapter cable. .. more info
Humidistat Sensor For Sensaphone, $54.99
* Detect too high or too low a humidity level
* 10% to 60% RH humidity sensing range
* Compatible with all Sensaphone models
.. more info
Magnetic Contact Switch For Sensaphone, $3.99
* Use on closed circuit systems
* UL Listed for security systems
* Use on doors, windows, and sliding doors
* ¾" Operation gap .. more info
Remote Temp Sensor For Sensaphone, $19.99
* Enables you to monitor temperature at a location away from your Sensaphone unit
* Triggers an alarm when conditions exceed the set high/low limits
* Compatible with all Sensaphone models
* Wall mountable .. more info
Sensaphone PIR Motion Sensor, $84.99
* Works with any Sensaphone
* 40-foot range
* Detects body heat
.. more info
Waterbug Water Sensor, $69.99
* Works with virtually any security or home automation system
* Each sensor can be up to 100 ft. away
* Normally open and normally closed contact outputs provided
* Up to 6 sensors can be attached .. more info
Wind-Click Wind Sensor, $99.99
* Saves water and avoids mess
* Can notify intelligent controller when winds increase
* Resets sprinklers when wind levels drop
.. more info
Rain Sensor, $29.99
Don't over-water your lawn or plants after a rainstorm. This rain sensor will cut off your existing sprinkler controller from activating the valves and wasting water. .. more info
Freeze Sensor, $34.99
* Shutoffs automatically during freezing temperatures.
.. more info
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