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X10 Products
X10 LCD MINI TIMER, $49.99
* Timer will control up to 8 X10 lights and appliances
* Security mode turns lights on and off at random times within a time frame
* Built-in alarm clock awakens with buzzer .. more info
FilterLinc 5-Amp Plug-In Noise Filter, $15.99
If you're using several X10 switches, modules, and controllers throughout the house and want to assure maximum reliability, you'll need to supplement your system with the FilterLinc Plug-In Noise Filter. .. more info
Smarthome Lamp Module - 2-Pin, $11.99
* Turn lamps on or off from anywhere in the house with no additional wiring
* Dim or brighten light levels with a X10 remote control
* Turn houselights on or off from the comfort of your bed
.. more info
Decorator Dimmer Switch White/Almond, $24.99
On a budget? Then this easy-on-the-wallet X10 Decorator Dimmer Switch is for you. .. more info
Control your lights and appliances all around your house without leaving your sofa! Just plug the included X10 Wireless Remote System base into any nearby outlet, and you'll have total wireless control of any device connected to an X10 module or switch. .. more info
X10 Powerflash Interface, $45.99
* Allows almost anything to send X10 signals
* Triggered by no or low voltage
* Remotely turn on lights, appliances via telephone controllers .. more info
X10 Telephone Responder, $69.99
* Remotely turn on heating/cooling in your vacation home
* Control up to 10 X10 addresses by phone
* Easy plug-in installation
* Works with most answering machines .. more info
X10 Heavy Duty 250v 20A Switch, $39.99
Automate 220V lights, spa heaters, pool pumps, air conditioners, and other 220V appliances. All X10Pro products have been discontinued .. more info
8 Channel X10 Relay Control Unit, $186.99
* Independent control of 8 devices
* Connected devices will respond to X10 ON/OFF commands
* Three selectable modes
.. more info
Chilipepper Hot Water Demand Pump, $179.99
* Receive hot water quicker from your existing water heater
* Works with all water heaters including tankless heaters
* Powerful enough to work with pipes as long as 400 feet
* INSTEON and X10 compatible
.. more info
INSTEON Access Point , $39.99
* Bridges RF-only INSTEON devices with power line-only INSTEON devices
* Uses 900MHz band for fast, reliable communication .. more info
Elk Heavy Duty Relay Contactor , $78.50
* Control 220V devices as part of an INSTEON, UPB, ZWave network
* 110VAC plug for connection with an appliance module
* Safe and easy On/Off switching of up to 60 Amps of electrical current .. more info
INSTEON ApplianceLinc V2, $34.99
The ApplianceLinc V2 is a full-featured plug-in on/off switch that can be remotely controlled by a ControLinc tabletop controller, KeypadLinc V2, or any other INSTEON-enabled controller. .. more info
I/O Linc - INSTEON Contact Closure Interface , $45.99
* Monitor and control pool valves, electric water heaters and more using your INSTEON network
* 4 output relay modes allow you to control many different types of devices
* Control INSTEON lights and appliances using a contact closure input
.. more info
In-LineLinc Relay, $59.99
* Control hardwired lights and appliances without running wires for a wall switch
* Fits inside a standard electrical box
* Controls up to 20 Amps or 1800 Watts (incandescent) at 120 or 277VAC
.. more info
RemoteLinc 2 Wall Switch, $52.99
* Provides wireless remote control for INSTEON controlled lighting and appliances
* Includes wall mount bracket
* Operated via rechargeable battery
.. more info
RemoteLinc 2 Tabletop w/Visor Clip, $57.99
* Provides wireless remote control for INSTEON controlled lighting and appliances
* Includes Tabletop stand and Visor Clip
* Operated via rechargeable battery
.. more info
X10 POWERLINC USB , $69.99
Using your computer to control lights, appliances, heating/air conditioning systems and alarm systems is now easier and more affordable than ever with the PowerLinc USB. .. more info
Leviton Products
Vizia RF Z-Wave 300 Watt Lamp Module, $79.95
* 300-watt plug-in module provides instant dimming features to incandescent lamps
* Module is compatible with all Z-Wave products and can be controlled remotely using the Vera controller
.. more info
Vizia RF Z-Wave 600W Dimmer - Incandescent, $89.95
* 600 Watt Dimmer instantly adds dimming control to your incandescent lights
* Module is compatible with all Z-Wave products and can be controlled remotely using the Vera controller
.. more info
Vizia Dimmer Coordinating Remote, No LEDs, $24.95
* Use with Vizia RF dimmers for n-way control
* Includes white, almond, and ivory face plates for superior versatility
.. more info
Vizia RF Z-Wave 15 Amp Switch, $99.95
* 15-amp on/off switch controls fluorescent, magnetic/electronic low voltage, or motor loads
* Includes white, almond, and ivory face plates for superior versatility
.. more info
The LEVITON FIXTURE RELAY works with a 15A RESISTIVE OR INDUCTIVE LOAD. This relay allows the control of hard-wired lighting and appliances without a wall switch. .. more info
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