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Streaming audio services are here, and they have changed the way people enjoy their music and audio entertainment. So is high definition audio which is typically defined as 24-bit recordings with 96,000 samples per second. 24/96 recordings can capture a little more than three times the data as CD resolution, thus delivering a fuller more robust sound experience. Wouldn't it be great to have a device in your entertainment center that could tap into your favorite Internet radio stations and/or streaming music service, while also storing your accumulated CDs and Itunes digital music?

Well Fusion Research recently announced a new line named Ovation Music Streamer/Servers (OMS). The OMS product line are multi-zone audio streamer products built specifically for the home custom entertainment market. This product line was designed to be Squeezebox compatible, which enables you to take advantage of all the existing Squeezebox two-way drivers and mobile device apps now currently available!

OMS2 Music Server

Above shows front and back views of the OMS2 Music Server. This model supports 3 audio zones, 2 analog (stereo audio) and one digital (coaxial or optical) outputs and has a 500GB internal drive to house ripped CDs and purchased digital music from Itunes or other digital music sources. Supported streaming musiic services include Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, MOG, Last.FM, Live365, SiriusXM, Shoutcast, SKY.fm, Slacker, TuneIn Radio, and over two dozen more! The open platform allows for new apps to be added all the time. The 3 OMS models range from 3 to 4 independent audio sources so that everyone can listen to what they want to hear, now everyone has a choice!

Optional storage is available on the OMS2&3 models. All models offer high definition 96kHz/24-bit HD digital audio playback. Major file formats supported include Apple lossy & Apple Lossless (AAC & ALAC), MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA and FLAC. All your songs in iTunes can also be imported and distributed throughout the home.

Since the Ovation Music Servers are Squeezebox compatible you can take advantage of all existing two-way drivers and mobile applications. These currently include Savant, RTI, Elan, URC, Crestron, BitWise, and Control4 (from partner Blackwire Designs).

To view the Ovation brochure click here.

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Ovation Signature Music Streamer, $499.00
The Ovation Signature is a single zone music streamer providing your favorite music for one room or distribution throughout the home. .. more info
3-Zone Ovation Audio Streamer, $995.00
The OMS-1 3-Zone Ovation Audio Streamer has 3 RCA stereo audio outputs. .. more info
3-Zone Ovation Audio Streamer/Server, $1,295.00
The OMS-2 3-Zone Ovation Audio Streamer/Server has 3 audio outputs (1 digital & 2 analog). .. more info
4-Zone Ovation Audio Streamer/Server, $1,795.00
The OMS-3 4-Zone Ovation Audio Streamer/Server has 4 audio outputs (1 digital & 3 analog). .. more info
Ovation Elite Audiophile Streamer, $3,799.00
Fusion took all they knew from their successful line of Ovation music products to create an all new level of high definition audio playback. .. more info

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