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Replace Your DVDs with a Movie Server

A Blu-Ray Disc Changer may be a great device for someone with a large and growing private Blu-Ray Disc collection. But if you own some of your favorite all-time movies on DVD and frequently rent new releases, a Movie Server may be an even greater device for you.

Movie Collection

A movie server allows you to quickly view your entire collection on the screen such as shown at left. Large collections can be searched, sorted or filtered by genre, rating, title, actor or other parameters for quick retrieval.

Other important features of a movie server are the ability to expand your hard drive storage capacity, easily load new DVDs into the system with automatic download of movie cover art and other descriptive information, and a mechanism to add missing information or cover art when not available online.

MkII Movie Server

At right is the new Premiere MkII Movie Server (PMS) from Fusion Research. This is the entry level movie server from Fusion who also offers the Genesis and Cinema Systems, which are full function media servers handling large digital photo and music collections in addition to movies with a total storage capacity up to 18 terabytes.

The Premiere MkII Movie Server supports video resolutions 720p, 1080i, and 1080p for full HD quality viewing. Premiere is a compact yet powerful, purpose built, single zone movie server. The MkII server is extremely easy to set up and use. It holds 300 DVD's (or approximately 50 blu-ray) with the ability to infinitely expand storage by adding network-attached external disc storage. Using Fusion's new EasyLoad mechanism, DVDs & Blu-rays can easily be stored on MkII by simply inserting them in the front of the server. EasyLoad will find the cover art and metadata and will automatically begin importing your movies for you. This eliminates the need for having the display on while loading. Conversely, you can choose to watch movies while you load other DVDs or Blu-ray in the server making loading your MkII a snap!

But perhaps the best feature for those who frequently rent DVDs or Blu-ray discs is the licensed CSS decoder for movie playback of encrypted discs, which legally allows you to view a single copy of any movie disc imported to this system for as long as you want to devote 6.5 GB or more of disc space to retain the movie. Movie disc collections can also be archived to offline backup for permanent retention.

Fusion Systems can be controlled easily with simple IR remote controls or with sophisticated two-way control systems. Their servers easily integrate with industry leaders Control4, Crestron, and AMX, as well as Savant, RTI, and Universal Remote Control systems. We downloaded the two-way Ethernet Driver for Control4 from the Fusion website, and in ten minutes we were controlling the Premiere MkII Movie Server with our Control4 remote.

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Premiere MkII Server , $2,999.00
Fusion's Premiere MkII Movie Server is a single unit solution that is a server with a built-in single zone player. This Server easily front loads DVD and Blu-ray discs. .. more info
Premiere Movie Server - 5 TB Storage License, $495.00
Expand Fusion's Premiere Movie Server storage capacity with a 5 TB, 10 TB, or unlimited storage license. .. more info
Fusion Zone Player , $1,495.00
The Fusion Zone Player is the perfect choice for playback of Blu-ray movies, music and photos. The player offers high quality 1080p video scaling to deliver beautiful picture quality in a zone location. .. more info
Fusion Adapter - FR-D2A, $215.00
This adapter made by Gefen, along with a separate optical splitter, allows you to split the Premiere Movie Server digital optical output into simultaneous digital and analog audio outputs. .. more info
Fusion Adapter - FR-COM, $279.00
This adapter allows you to deliver HD video from your Premiere Movie Server to your entertainment system using component video connections. .. more info
Premiere Movie Server Installation Support, $75.00
Up to 1 hour of telephone support during your Premiere Movie Server. .. more info

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