TV Wall Mount

Mount Your Flat-Panel TV

While your new flat-panel TV can always be placed on a table top for viewing, often times it is more aesthetic and functional to have the TV mounted on the wall for a better viewing angle or ability to tilt the TV and/or move it on angle with respect to the wall. The ability to move the TV can allow you to get a straight ahead view of the TV when sitting at an angle relative to the wall.

Fixed TV Mount

The ProConnect Mount shown at left is a fixed position mount that fits most TVs size 37"-80" and has a weight capacity 150 lbs. The ProConnect Mounts are the preferred choice of many professional Custom Integrators who specify and install Entertainment Centers and Home Theaters. Primarily because of the improved quality of ProConnect when compared with mounts available in local big box outlets. For a fixed mount the primary consideration is the size and weight of the TV. So, for the pictured mount, TVs smaller than 37" or greater than 80" in diagonal length or TVs weighing more than 150 lbs would not be supported by the above mount.

Small Moveable Mount

When you're mounting a TV smaller than 38" and you want to be able to tilt the TV for optimal viewing, the small moveable mount shown at right may fit the bill. This mount handles 15"-37" TVs of 35 lbs or less and tilts from -5 degrees to +10 degrees. This inexpensive mount is perfect when lying down on the couch or in bed.

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Small Motion TV Mount, $29.99
* Wall mount for 15"-37" flat panel TVs
* 35 lbs maximum TV weight
* Tilts from -5 degrees to +10 degrees
.. more info
Large Fixed TV Mount, $29.99
* Wall mount for 37"-80" flat panel TVs
* 150 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
Extra-Large Motion TV Mount, $249.99
* Wall mount for 42"-85" flat panel TVs
* 150 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
Large Tilt TV Mount, $49.99
* Wall mount for 37"-80" flat panel TVs
* 150 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
Medium Tilt TV Mount, $29.99
* Wall mount for 24"-55" flat panel TVs
* 100 lbs maximum TV weight
.. more info
Medium Fixed TV Mount, $29.99
* Wall mount for 24"-55" flat panel TVs
* 100 lbs maximum TV weight
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