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For those interested in using their home desktop or media PC as the single point of control for lights, thermostats, appliances, security cameras, security alarm systems and other devices, HomeSeer is a very flexible home automation solution. While our Harmony 890 Remote Control solution is a great universal remote for your entertainment center that can also control Z-WAVE lighting devices, HomeSeer can control Z-WAVE lighting, thermostats, and security panels from HAI and Elk in additon to a variety of other devices. HomeSeer also includes an option for voice-activated home automation.

HomeSeer 2.0

HomeSeer 3.0 home control software from HomeSeer Technologies is the most powerful program of its type. When installed and coupled with the Harmony 890 Remote these two technologies will cover entertainment, lighting, climate (HVAC), and security systems with remote control available via the Internet. Thus offering a level of whole-house automation using wireless Z-WAVE communication similar to the Control4 product line with ZigBee, but at a lower price point. While HomeSeer supports legacy X10 devices and Insteon wireless lighting devices, this solution recommends Intermatic lighting and controls and the RCS Thermostat both controllable with Z-WAVE.

Z-WAVE Plugin Module

The Z-WAVE Plug-in Lamp Module from Intermatic provides an RF repeater which allows your lamp to be controlled by the HA09C Z-WAVE Handheld Remote or by HomeSeer via the Z-WAVE Z-Stick-2 USB PC Interface. This device allows on/off and dimming control of your incandescent lamp and participates in a Z-WAVE mesh network by retransmitting the wireless signal for reception by other nearby Z-WAVE devices. Installation couldn't be easier, just plug the module into a wall outlet and plug the lamp into the side of the module. A Z-WAVE Appliance module (fluorescent lighting), an In-Wall Switch/Dimmer, and an Outdoor Lighting module are also available from Intermatic. Note: For 3-way dimming applications the Leviton ViziaRF RZI06 Z-WAVE Dimmer and VZ00R Companion Dimmer are recommended. The Intermatic In-Wall Dimmer Switch does not support 3-way switching.

HA09 Handheld Remote

The HA09C Z-WAVE Remote Control also from Intermatic allows you to control your Z-Wave lights and appliances remotely. This unit supports on/off and dim/bright control of up to 6 groups of devices with each group containing up to 16 devices. Note when using the Intermatic HA22 USB PC Interface a primary controller is required to copy the Z-WAVE network information into HomeSeer. This handheld remote functions as a primary controller and will copy the Z-WAVE device information into HomeSeer during setup of the HA22 interface.

Z-WAVE Thermostat

The Z-WAVE TZ16 thermostat from Residential Control Systems (RCS) consists of three parts, a Wall Display Unit (WDU), the HVAC Control Unit and the ZWBT Z-Wave Thermostat adapter. The Wall Display Unit provides users functions like a traditional thermostat and connects to the Control Unit by a 4 wire cable. The Control Unit connects at the HVAC system using the standard thermostat connections and provides the thermostatic temperature control of the system. The ZWBT provides connection to the Z-Wave Network.

If you would prefer a simpler Z-WAVE home control solution to running Homeseer software on your PC, then consider the new HomeTroller Zee Home Automation Controller from Homeseer with simplified setup from your web browser.

Prefer a simpler more cost effective solution for a Z-WAVE thermostat? Take a look at the CT100 - Z-Wave Thermostat from 2GIG.

Want to go green with your Z-WAVE lighting controls and turn lights on/off based on room occupancy? Check out the new HSM100 Z-WAVE Multi-sensor from Homeseer.

Click here for a comparison chart of Control4 (Zigbee), Z-WAVE, and Insteon home control systems.

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HomeSeer WiFi Tabletop Touchscreen , $169.95
HomeSeer's WFTT07 is a 7" tabletop touchscreen for use with HSTouch and Android apps. The unit includes a responsive capacitive touch display and impressive stereo sound quality.
.. more info
HomeTroller Zee Home Automation Controller, $199.95
HomeTroller Zee is an ultra small, powerful Z-Wave home automation gateway controller.
.. more info
Cooper Aspire 600 watt Z-Wave Dimmer, $119.79
* Replaces existing wall switch for retrofit
* Turn on, off and dim incandescent or MLV lighting
* comes in 2-wire or 3-wire w/Neutral options .. more info
Z-Wave USB Adapter - SmartStick+, $39.95
SmartStick+ is a Z-Wave Plus certified interface for use with HomeSeer home automation systems. SmartStick+ Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) for easy pairing of Z-Wave products. SmartStick+ may be used with Z-NETs for a centrally managed, muti-network install .. more info
Z-Net Z-Wave Interface , $149.95
Z-NET communicates with your HomeSeer system using a simple network connection to improve your Z-Wave network performance instantly.
.. more info
Z-Wave 500-Watt 3-Way Dimmer , $59.95
Our choice for 3-way applications. Supports ON/OFF/DIM for dimmable loads. Switch-programmable ramp rates. Instant status through HomeSeer. 120v/60hz only. .. more info
Z-Wave 3-Way Companion Dimming Switch , $16.95
For use with ACT HomePro ZWAVE dimmer switches for three-way applications. 120v/60hz only. .. more info
HomeSeer Software v3.0, $249.95
If you have broadband Internet access and you want to control and monitor your home while you're away, HomeSeer's built-in Web server brings you full control of your ZWAVE lighting & thermostat devices through a password-protected Web page or by e-mail. .. more info
HSM100 - Z-Wave Multi-Sensor , $89.95
* a new Z-Wave® device featuring three-sensors-in-one
* can also function as a temperature sensor and light sensor
* controls Z-Wave devices directly or triggers automation events .. more info
X10 POWERLINC USB , $69.99
Using your computer to control lights, appliances, heating/air conditioning systems and alarm systems is now easier and more affordable than ever with the PowerLinc USB. .. more info
ZWAVE Plug-In Lamp Module, $9.95
* Z-Wave RF technology requires no wiring
* Module allows control of incandescent light
* Module doubles as a repeater for increased signal reliability .. more info
ZWAVE Outdoor Lighting Module, $39.95
* Z-Wave RF technology requires no wiring
* Control outdoor lights without going outside
* Weather-resistant module doubles as a repeater for increased signal reliability .. more info
ZWAVE In-Wall Switch/Dimmer, $39.95
* Replaces existing wall switch
* Turn on, off and dim an incandescent light
* Module doubles as a repeater for increased signal reliability .. more info
ZWAVE Handy Remote Controller, $39.95
* Z-Wave RF technology requires no wiring
* Commands are confirmed for verified success
* Expandable system to 96 devices .. more info
2GIG-ZSTAT CT100 - Z-Wave Thermostat , $99.00
Full featured Z-Wave programmable thermostat for use with HomeSeer and other systems. .. more info
Honeywell Z-Wave Touchscreen Thermostat with Wiresaver, $164.99
• Z-Wave connectivity allows you to control your thermostat via your Z-Wave network with Homeseer
• High-precision circuitry keeps temperature within 1°
• Included Wire saver allows for use without a common wire
.. more info
TZ45 - Z-Wave Thermostat (RCS), $189.99
• All in One Design
• 128 x 64 Backlit Graphical Display
• 6 Buttons with On Screen Labels
• Programmable 4x7 day schedule
• Optional Remote Sensors
.. more info
RCS TZ16 ZWave Thermostat, $268.95
* Supports multistage heating/cooling system outputs
* Controllable via display unit, Z-Wave remote control, or HomeSeer software .. more info

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