C-Series Keypad

Distribute Audio Only Throughout Your Home

If you want to distribute centrally located audio music sources throughout your home there are wired and wireless solutions available today for your consideration. This solution focuses on the traditional wired solution most often deployed during new home or major remodel construction.

Audio distribution typically involves running speaker wire for audio to the room speakers, and Cat5e cable to in-wall room keypads. These wiring runs typically emanate from a central media closet or entertainment center in a "home run" to each destination room in your home, similar to the spokes in a wagon wheel.

KT1C5 Kit Components

The photo at left shows a complete audio distribution solution for 6 rooms using the new C-Series components from Russound. This C-series system provides a powerful, expandable and intuitive means to control and enhance the multiroom audio experience. This kit includes a MCA-C5 multizone controller amplifier, (6) MDK-C5 multiline display keypads, (8) IR emitters, rack ears, and a SRC-C5 system remote control. This kit accomodates 8 stereo audio sources and provides complete control of 6 audio zones, expandable to 8 zones. Other features include custom audio settings, party mode, do not disturb zones, source and zone linking, all on/all off participation, system clock with alarms and sleep timers, home theater trigger, routed and common IR outputs, and (8) 12VDC trigger outputs. Also Source 8 can serve as a paging input and loop output for connection to a third party paging or phone system.

Russound C-series controller

A closer look at the MCA-C5 Multizone Controller Amplifier shown above reveals eight zones of distributed stereo audio from any of eight sources as previously mentioned. The source loop outputs and the addition of up to five additional controllers allow for scalability to 48 audio zones. A variety of input options have been engineered into the MCA-C5 controller. A built-in internal AM/FM tuner with RDS (Radio Data System) support is optional as source one. An RNET® link using CAT-5e allows for metadata transmission and control of Russound RNET Smart Source components, including the SMS3 Smart Media Server, iBridge® Dock and Bay, and ST2 Tuners with AM/FM and/or satellite radio.

With MDK-C5 Multiline Display Keypad the MCA-C5 communicates from its built-in tuner and other Russound Smart sources vital information such as preset name, AM/FM station frequency, satellite radio station ID, artist, and song title.

Note configuration of the MCA-C5 Multizone Controller Amplifier requires a PC loaded with Russound SCS-C5 Configuration Software. This free software is available for download from the Russound online Support Center.

To download the C-Series brochure click here

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Russound Multi-Zone Controller Kit, $3,990.00
* 8 sources in x 6 rooms out
* expandable to 8 rooms out
* C-Series components
* Includes in-wall multiline keypads
.. more info
C-Series Multi-line Display Keypad, $329.99
* High-resolution multiline display
* Menu driven interface
* Standard FIT™ two-gang box
* Available in five finishes
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iBridge Dock Kit, $579.00
* Compatible with most iPod models
* Battery charges iPod while it is docked
* Allows full control of the iPod from an RNET or IR-controlled multiroom system
.. more info
Russound In-Ceiling Speaker Pair, 6.5", $150.00
* attractive form, seamless acoustic integration, ease of installation
* stiff, lightweight cone technology delivers improved effi ciency and bass response
* quality materials, reinforced doglegs, limited lifetime warranty
.. more info
Russound In-Wall Fixed Tilt Speaker, 5.25", $150.00
7W51SFT Fixed Tilt speakers are suitable for installation in close quarters, such as in a stud bay with an amplified keypad, a bathroom ceiling, or home theater applications such as rear surround or Dolby Pro Logic IIz height speakers. .. more info

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