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Cost Effective Wireless Security Systems

This solution presents three wireless alternatives for use in existing homes providing the functionally of a professionally installed alarm system at a fraction of the cost. Be sure to see the comparison chart for a snapshot of the capabilities of each system.

AAA Home Smart Center

The AAA Home Smart Center wireless system supports 5 security zones with 2 sensors per zone. The system operates in either the alert mode or the alarm mode. When armed the system will call up to 5 phone numbers with an emergency message, and sound the siren when a sensor is triggered. When disarmed the system will alert by voice announcing what sensor is tripped, flash the LED display, and optionally beep the number of times equal to the affected zone. The system is controlled with keychain remotes, and supports door/window, motion, water leak, garage door, and audio smoke alarm sensors. The pictured control panel can be operated remotely using a touch-tone phone.

Wisdom Wireless Security System

The wireless Wisdom Security System supports up to 32 wireless zones and one wired zone. One keyfob transmitter is included for arming and disarming away from the main panel, but up to eight can be linked, enough for every member of your family! In addition to easily connected wireless sensors and transmitters, this compact, stylish LCD panel has integrated voice capabilities. This means you can access a full voice menu guide remotely using any touchtone phone. This voice system also allows for a family message center and built-in two-way voice communication to the premises, as well as local announcement and feedback of system status.

SecureLinc Family Protection Kit

The Web-Enabled SecureLinc System wireless system supports 30 security zones (includes 2 wired zones). When a sensor is triggered the system blasts an 85dB siren sending would-be thieves fleeing, calls any private phone number, and plays a pre-recorded message in your own voice. The system is controlled with wireless keyfobs, and supports wireless door/window and pet immune motion sensors. The pictured wall-mounted control panel is programmed using the backlit buttons and the LCD screen. This system can also operate up to 15 X10-controled lights or appliances based on time of day (requires a separate X10 cable).

Click here for a comparison chart of the above 3 home wireless security systems

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ElkGuard Home Security System, $429.99
* Completely wireless unit makes for quick and easy new or retrofit installations
* Capable of operating on a battery for 3 months or longer between recharges
* Acts as a wireless receiver for up to 23 wireless devices .. more info
ElkGuard Mini Door and Window Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch, $49.99
* Wireless sensor communicates with ElkGuard wireless security systems
* Transmits: Alarm, Tamper, and Low Battery
* Battery powered, no wiring necessary
* Half the size of a standard door and window magnetic contact switch .. more info
ElkGuard Slimline PIR Wireless Motion Detector, $94.99
* Transmits: Alarm, Tamper, and Low Battery
* Compact design
* No wires needed, battery powered
* Large field of view and extended range
* Works with ElkGuard wireless security systems .. more info
ElkGuard Wireless Emergency Button, $44.99
* Works with ElkGuard wireless home security systems
* Transmits a panic alarm via radio frequency (RF)
* Wireless device has a one-button alarm trigger .. more info
ElkGuard Wireless 4-Button Keyfob Remote Control, $42.99
* Wireless communication via radio frequency (RF)
* Works with ElkGuard wireless security systems
* Transmits: Arm, Disarm, Panic, and Auxiliary
* Rugged, waterproof housing .. more info
AAA Home Smart Center, $139.99
The AAA Home Smart Center is a complete wireless system that not only functions as a security system, but also monitors your premises by providing alert notifications when the system is not armed. .. more info
Door/Window Sensor for AAA, $19.99
The Door/Window Sensor for AAA is a wireless transmitter designed to protect doors, windows and other entrances, sending a wireless alert to your home security system upon a breach. .. more info
Motion Sensor for AAA, $29.99
Expand your AAA Home Smart Center home security system by installing motion detectors in additional locations in and around your home. .. more info
Garage Door Sensor for AAA, $19.99
Expand your AAA Home Smart Center home security system by using it to monitor the largest entry to your home. .. more info
Flood Sensor for AAA, $19.99
Expand your AAA Home Smart Center home security system by installing leak detectors near water-using appliances around your home. .. more info
Alarm Sensor for AAA, $39.99
Take maximum advantage of your AAA Home Smart Center home security system by connecting an audio sensor to your existing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. .. more info
Wireless Switch for AAA, $34.99
If you have an AAA Home Smart Center set up in your home for wireless security, you can also easily use its control panel to turn lights, fans and small appliances on and off with the push of a button. .. more info
Audio Alarm for AAA, $54.99
Frighten potential burglars away from your home with a powerful alarm that's triggered by wireless sensors. .. more info
Keychain Remote for AAA, $19.99
For easy arming and disarming of your AAA Home Smart Center home security system, make sure each member of your family has a remote transmitter. .. more info
SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System, $399.99
* 28 wireless zones with additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 siren port and 1 PGM port
* Automatically calls 4 telephone numbers and plays a user recorded message
* Arm or disarm using a keychain remote or wireless keypad
.. more info
SecureLinc 2 Security System with Internal GSM , $499.99
* Includes built-in cell phone network support
* 28 wireless zones with additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 siren port and 1 PGM port
* Automatically calls 4 telephone numbers and plays a user recorded message
.. more info
Protect doors, windows, gun cases, jewelry boxes, or just about anything that opens and closes. .. more info
Wireless Smoke Detector, $99.00
* Superior detection sensitivity
* Long-life 9 Volt alkaline or lithium battery
* Simple ceiling-mount installation with no mess
* Compatible with SecureLinc 2 Wireless Security System
.. more info
Wireless Glassbreak Sensor, $139.99
* Protects with patented glass-break detection technology
* Superior transmission range
* Easy to install
*Compatible with SecureLinc2 Security System
.. more info
85-Pound Pet-Immune Motion Sensor, $99.99
Unlike other units, this wireless PIR is smart enough to tell the difference between burglars and your pets by triggering events only if the culprit weighs more than 85 pounds. .. more info
Wireless Flood and Water Detector, $74.99
* Detects water at ground level
* Ideal for basements, yachts and vacation homes
* Compatible with the SecureLinc 2 Security System
.. more info
PowerLink Web Interface Controller, $399.99
* Interface allows Internet access and control of the SecureLinc system
* Sends automatic email or text message upon alarm to up to 8 users
* Connect up to 4 surveillance cameras .. more info

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