Audioengine D1 24-bit USB DAC

CNET, Steve Guttenberg - D1 Review
"The D1 is the perfect music interface between your computer and speakers or headphones." D1 Review

AudioStream - D1 Review
"I would recommend feeding it anything and everything your music library has to offer." D1 Review

Playback - D1 Review
"More Than A DAC, It's a Desktop Audio "Starter Kit"". D1 Review

Affordable Audio - D1 Review
"From the solid feel to the smooth edges along with the most important aspect, the sound output, the D1 is another winner from Audioengine." D1 Review

Audioholics - D1 Review
"The D1 is one upgrade you're going to be able to immediately hear and appreciate." D1 Review

Connect Reviews - D1 Review
"The Audioengine D1 will put you on the road toward becoming more appreciative of your music or any sound coming from your computer." D1 Review

What Hi-Fi - D1 Review
"The D1 is happy driving a wide range of headphones." D1 Review

Hardforum - D1 Review
"If you are looking for a DAC/AMP solution that is portable , bus powered and sounds phenomenal than this is it." D1 Review

The Gadgeteer - D1 Review
"The D1 is an addictive audio upgrade." D1 Review

Audioengine D2 24-bit Wireless DAC

AudioStream - D2 Review
"The wireless aspect of the D2 really isn't an issue and that's really good news." D2 Review

Enjoy the Music - D2 Review
"The plug-and-play Audioengine D2 is fun to use, is super reliable, is affordable, and sounds great." Gadgeteer_A5 Review.pdf

Computer Audiophile - D2 Review
"The Audioengine D2 is the wireless interface I prefer over all others for its sound quality, convenience, and software independence." D2 Review

Positive Feedback - D2 Review
"Audioengine has delivered yet another excellent audio product at a very competitive price." D2 Review

Ken Rockwell - D2 Performance Testing
"At any price, the Audioengine D2 is a great DAC. The D2 tests almost as well as if it's a piece of laboratory equipment." D2 Review

Soundstage - D2 Review
"The fact that it's so affordably priced makes this game-changing DAC all that much easier to buy." D2 Review

Audiophilia - D2 Review
"Many inexpensive digital devices sound effective out of the box, but fatigue after a marriage. Not the D2s. Buy with utmost confidence." D2 Review

Audioengine 5+ Powered Speakers

Audiostream - A5+ Review
"For $399, yes I'm going there, I'd say that the Audioengine 5+s give you more than you've given Audioengine." A5+ Review

Goodsound - A5+ Review
"Emphatically recommended." A5+ Review

Silent PC Review - A5+ Review
"The A5+ represents an uncommonly good value in today's fractured consumer audio marketplace, and a bonafide entry-level high end product." A5+ Review

Positive Feedback - A5+ Review
"This tiny system really trumped some of the larger systems out there costing thousands more." A5+ Review

HDTV Magazine - A5+ Review
"The Audioengine 5+ is an excellent follow-on to original A5. Their rich deep bass and shimmering highs bring new life to your music library." A5+ Review

Playback - A5+ Review
"For $399 the A5+ delivers more than enough music to be satisfying, even if you're used to listening to far more expensive gear." A5+ Review

Sound+Vision - A5+ Review
"Perhaps the 5+'s most dramatic aural attribute was its stereo imaging." A5+ Review

The Online Photographer - A5+ Review
"Seldom is any product such a safe recommendation. Sure is nice when that happens." A5+ Review

CNET - A5+ Review
"You're going to be hard-pressed to find a 2.0 system that sounds better for the money and has the 5+'s connectivity options." A5+ Review

Okay Geek - A5+ Review
"If you have the cash and are looking for something in the audiophile market, then look no further than this premium speaker set." A5+ Review