CloseBy Network

Remote Monitoring for Caregivers

The wireless capability of Control4 products plus access to the system via the Internet makes their home controllers a perfect choice for remote monitoring of sensors in the home. Wireless sensors from Card Access Inc, a Control4 partner, provide the ability to monitor such activites as the open/closing of doors, medicine cabinets, and refrigerator doors. Pressure sensors monitor a person lying in bed or sitting on the sofa or an easy chair, and motion sensors monitor movement from room to room within the home. Another contact sensor tied to a panic button allows the occupant to signal for help. In addition the system can include well placed IP cameras to provide live audio/video monitoring feeds. This technology combined with the event collection and notification service available from the CloseBy Network completes a state-of-the-art remote monitoring system for Caregivers of the elderly or disabled.

The CloseBy service reduces the burden of caring for an elderly loved one in their own home and distributes the responsibilities among all caregivers. Balancing the care needs of a loved one living independently at home with your own family and personal responsibilities is what the CloseBy Network is all about. And it saves money by keeping loved ones in their own homes longer, instead of in an expensive assisted living facility.

CloseBy Web Application

The screen shot at left of the browser-based application software from CloseBy shows a list of sensor-based events in the top pane, and a graph of the total number of events per hour in the day in the bottom pane. A panic button feature can also trigger an email or text message when pressed by the person under care.

Pressure Pad Sensor

At right is the pressure pad available from Card Access. For this application the Chair Occupancy Sensor is installed in combination with the popular Wireless Contact Switch (below left) in the favorite chair, couch, or recliner used by your loved one. With the Control4 system and CloseBy software the chair occupancy event is automatically sent to the CloseBy servers, but you can also turn on just the perfect lighting for reading a book, or listen to some music automatically when sitting in your favorite chair or couch.

Wireless Contact Sensor

The Card Access Wireless Contact Switch shown at left works with your Control4® system combining the features of up to three contact switches and up to two thermometers into a single battery-powered device. For the CloseBy application you could have 2 Chair Occupancy Sensors in the same room connected to a single contact switch unit.

Details of all the wireless sensors available for this solution can be viewed by selecting the appropriate link in the right pane under Sensors.

    The base equipment package (not including installation) for the CloseBy Network Service is available for $2,649 and includes:
  • Control4 HC200 controller
  • CloseBy software
  • 4 Motion Sensors to detect room occupancy
  • 5 Contact Sensors for doors, medicine cabinets, refrigerator doors, etc
  • 1 Chair sensor with contact sensor
  • 1 Bed sensor with contact sensor
  • The first 6 months of web access to events
Note: IP cameras can optionally be installed as part of your specific solution providing a live audio/video feed of the monitored home. The above solution without cameras requires no new wiring in the home as all the components support wireless communication.

For more information about the CloseBy service, including answers to frequently asked questions view the CloseBy Brochure.

The compelling benefit of the above is for less than the cost of one month in most assisted living facilities, you can install the CloseBy Network and monitor your loved one’s activities in the home with messages sent to you by emails, texts, or the Internet for just $39.99 a month after the first six months of use.

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